By Robert Flaks

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is announcing the return of their Hope Walk at Cape Henlopen State Park. The event will begin at 9 am on October 16th and feature a walk on the beach to raise money for research and development for the progressive brain disorder that currently has no cure.  Organizers for the event say they hope to raise even more money and awareness for the disease, which can have up to a 50 percent chance of afflicting the children of those who have it over their lifetime.

“This year we hope to have about 300 people and we hope to raise about 25,000 dollars, last year during the virtual walk we still raised 15 thousand dollars and there was a lot of businesses we could not approach based on the fact of them having their own difficulties staying in business due to covid,” Volunteer William Marconi.

Marconi told 47ABC he has lost three family members to Huntington’s disease and hopes the Hope Walk can help to bring out the community and raise more money for the HDSA.